Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Angels

A brief interruption of wineapalooza (I may have adult onset ADD). But I simply must share my new discoveries.

Last night we went to the Angels game and were lucky enough to have tickets for one of the Dugout Suites (courtesy of Bank of America).  And here's the highlights of my fan-tabulous-evening.

First, when one has super special dugout suites tickets, one takes a super-secret, special, security-covered elevator down to the dugout level. Once there, one can go to their dugout suite or roam about to see things like this:

That's Vernon Wells at batting practice (yes, I'm taking the photo through glass--we can see them, they can't see us). Let's just say I'm a fan. A big fan. (Thinking I now know what name will be on my next Angels jersey; but Chris says I better hurry....wonder what that means??)

Our seats were here:
Chris, enjoying the game

Would it surprise you to know the suites have catering and a mini-bar stocked with wine, beer and sodas?

 Or, for a different view, you can look here. See the camera guy back at home base? Look to his right (your left) see the dugout level where there are two bottles of water seemingly sitting on the ground? That's our water. We're not there of course, because I'm out on the field taking this very picture. More on that in a bit....
During the game, every player we watched at batting practice (Wells, Trumbo and Bourjos) hit a home run. Am I a lucky charm or what?? Trumbo actually hit a grand slam--his first in major league. I'm pretty sure my thank you card is in the mail.
Vernon Wells. Did I mention I'm a fan?

I did manage a photo of someone other than Mr. Wells

the grand slam in action

 There is also a dessert cart. I'm not that big on desserts, but man oh man, look at that thing!
So I picked out a red velvet cupcake...and a shot of Bailey's served in a dark chocolate cup. Not a bad way to enjoy a game.

Angels won 10 to 6 (against the Minnesota Twins). But our evening wasn't over. Turned out it was also the last night of the Angels Summer Concert series. And with our dugout suite tickets we also got wristbands to head on out on the field to watch the final concert....which turned out to be Ne-Yo.

All I knew about Ne-Yo I had learned a few nights ago when I saw him perform on the MTV music awards with a guy named Pit Bull. But I liked the song. And we'd had wine. And a great evening. So what the heck, we went down onto the field.

Let me just say right now, I became a fan. Loved every song AND he was an awesome, charming, entertaining performer. I was pleasantly surprised (generally, I don't do crowds or concerts and I'm not that into music...what with being tone deaf and having, usually, no taste whatsoever).  Me love some Ne-Yo...almost as much as Me love some Vernon Wells.

His dancers are known as the "Mrs. Smiths" which we found darn funny

Did he steal that from Taylor Swift? And is there a naked guy standing in the seats in the back???
I had a great evening.
But, still...I think we all know who my favorite Angels are....
The  morning after.


  1. Oh look at that.. what a great night!.. I did something similar at the Rays with my ex-boss who was over from England.. got to love those big leather seats... I love that they bring you free booze all through the game!!! LOL... Thanks for popping over!

  2. Leather seats? Hey, the Angels are slacking! The dugout suites have nice big, comfy seats inside the suite but outside (where one is to watch the game live) they are just "normal" stadium seats (with spectacular views)!!


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