Monday, September 12, 2011

Still Wine-ing!

Yes, I realize it's taking me longer to blog about the epic mother of all wineapalooza trips than it actually took Chris and I to do the trip. All I can say is....there's been a lot going on. Including many interesting book related things that must all remain top secret and mysterious for the moment.  I might start to skip around a bit and just hit some of the many highlights of the trip. And one major highlight was day 7 starting with our visit  Frick Winery.
This was hands down one of our favorite wineries of the trip. There were several reasons for that: 1) Bill Frick is a passionate, brilliant winemaker; 2) his beloved dogs (although now passed on) are featured prominently in the artwork in the winery; 3) Frick wines are freakin' fabulous. We love alllllll of them. If you ever see a Frick Vineyard wine on a wine list or in a shop, do yourself a favor and pick it up. He has several Forgotten Grapes varietals including Granache Blanc, and his Cinsault/Carignane blend (C2) is fabulous, as is the 2006 Carignane. Chris particularly loved the 2007 Dry Creek Valley Cinsault. Tasty, tasty stuff. And if you ever find yourself in Healdsburg for a weekend, stop by Frick. You won't be sorry! And yes, that's Bill behind the tasting bar.

We were on a roll on Day 7 because our next stop was Papapietro Perry Winery in Healdsburg.  They're known for their Pinot Noir and actually helped me seduce Chris many years ago (not that he was playing hard to get). I knew Pinot Noir was one of his favorite wines and I picked up a bottle of Papapietro Perry Pinot Noir to serve the first time Chris came to my house. I don't think he's ever left. ;-)  This time my favorite was the Russian River Valley Peter's Vineyard Pinot Noir (we tasted the 2008, but I suspect they've got a few good vintages of this!).

Hmmm...even this "I'll just hit the highlights" approach isn't working too well. This trip was full of highlights! I didn't even get to tell you about the malfunctioning smoke alarm in the hallway of the hotel we were in, or the fact that I slept in and let Chris head off to one winery by himself on the morning of Day 7 (I blame the malfunctioning smoke alarm, by the way).  But, I definitely can't leave out our visit to Mutt Lynch. So once again....this day gets divided into 2 posts. No promises on when the next one will be (did I mention there's a lot going on currently?? Oh. So. Much.) Should be this week though.



  1. Oh my gosh. I'm loving the artwork. How fun!

  2. I love the artwork too. The artist is his late wife, who also founded the winery with him.


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