Monday, May 18, 2009

NOW I look like a Cancer Patient??

On Sunday evening we went out for a walk on the beach. We've been lounging around, writing, relaxing and spending way too much time on our computers, so we decided a walk would be good. Of course, when that's the kind of day one has been having one does not really feel like getting all prettied up. And then throw in the fact that I have no hair and no eyelashes and well...yeah, I think this may be the most I've ever looked like a cancer patient out in public (save perhaps, the white blood cell crash day--but I had hair and eyelashes then, so I doubt anyone was thinking "cancer." (They were just thinking "RUN!! I don't want whatever she has!) Putting on a wig to go for a walk on the beach seems just stupid, as does false eyelashes, or really, any make-up. So here was my look. And yeah, people stared a little (or I was paranoid; either one). But it was so nice to be outside and at the beach that I really didn't care. Oh, and I'm wearing the "Feel Your Boobies" t-shirt under the "Beagles for Boobies" sweatshirt so people could either figure "breast cancer" or "breast fetish."

We're winding up our La Jolla weekend slowly. Heading to the village for lunch and a stroll around (love the art galleries down here) and then up to VALERIE AND ANDY ZUCKER'S home in Murrietta for dinner. I'm telling you this "Cancer Wins/ Cancer card" thing comes in really useful. This was a nice weekend away where mostly I didn't feel like Cancer Girl. Special thanks to SUSAN MEDEL for the use of her beautiful condo! Wonderful, relaxing, cozy place! I even got an outline of the possible "Everything I needed to know about cancer I learned from my dog" memoir done. Sort of. We'll see--it seems a bit overwhelming at this point. A blog is different than a memoir. I'm way less self conscious about the blog (for better or for worse!).

I'm hoping that this week at work can also be a highly productive week--never mind the CT scan Tuesday morning and the blood test again on Thursday. I signed a lease to expand my office to more than double its current size and my first associate will be starting with me in just about a month. (Under the circumstances, is this crazy or brave?? Discuss amongst yourselves.) I've got to get my practice kicked back into high gear!! Enough of this relaxing weekend stuff! Well, until next weekend and the weekend of no restrictions debauchery. By the way, don't you think that post-cancer treatment the prize should be one of these homes? Just one. Is that really so much to ask??

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  1. I agree the beach house should be an adequate comensation for all this hassle. Business expansion, well sure of course. You have a lot of work to do still:)


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