Monday, May 4, 2009

Out on my Limbs

That's Meagan over there. Meagan was the last person I saw at the Rancho Cucamonga/Upland oncology place. That's because Meagan is the nurse who gives me the Neulasta white-blood cell building shot on the Friday following chemo. So this was Friday, May 1 at just about 4:45pm (notice it's empty again). Meagan was lots of fun (she always enjoyed and commented on my hair and fashion choices; I believe the "Britney, Bitch" and purple Cancer Vixen shirts scored the highest.) So we can't really blame Meagan for the effects of the shot afterward. She wouldn't have wanted me to suffer.

Notice there was no posting for two days? noticed this right? You were worried? Okay, good. I was doing okay on Saturday morning, but by the afternoon the queasiness started. Saturday night was nothing but queasiness, serious nightsweats and a skull ache. I know, you're thinking "that's a headache, Teresa." But no, my skull hurt--like to the touch. Plus, I could hear my blood pulsing throughout my head, loudly. The Neulasta bone pain, which heretofore had really only been a "heavy limbs" feeling, was starting in my head (HA! They say it happens in the larger bones!). Sunday I actually had a client meeting in my office. Ironically, my clients are both doctors and their schedules are difficult, so we agreed to meet on a Sunday. Yeah, the Sunday after my chemo...what was I thinking? I was thinking "It's over!! I'll be fine. Must get back to work. Must earn living." I was okay for the meeting-- 2 1/2 hours, and I was tired but okay at the end. Until I got home. Then I just needed a nap and I had a pretty bad sore throat. By the time I woke up from the nap the bone pain had creeped out to my shoulders and down my back to my hips. Then once again I have the weird foot thing going on--especially in my left foot. The whole outer side of my left foot feels like I ripped a muscle. No cute high heels for me for a bit. [Plus, how cute would it be anyway, limping around going "ow, oh, ow, oww, ohh, ohh, oww" since the bones in my feet hurt too!]

So between the nightsweats (which have come on with a fierceness Tyra Banks would envy) and the bone pain, I wasn't exactly sitting at the computer typing away. I was hanging out in bed reading. Probably, I should have been in bed all day. But that's just not my style. Unless of course I wasn't sick. Then, I'd gladly hang out in bed all day. Isn't it funny how that works?

I'm headed into the office this Monday morning. Mostly, I think I'll be seated at my desk. And popping a lot of Tylenol. Tylenol is my new BFF.


  1. Sorry T--feel better. And yes, I was a little worried about you over the weekend. Don't try to be Superwoman--please?

  2. Teresa,
    I too was worried about you! Calm down girlfriend!! Take it easy, you have an excuse, you have cancer!
    Kathy G

  3. I wondered where you were! I almost called on Sunday. But then I figured if there was no post you were probably having a bad day!

  4. Hey, you - hang in there! I do love your sense of humor.


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