Friday, May 8, 2009

The Definition of Insanity

I know, I know...doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That's the definition of insanity. I get it. But here's the thing...I wasn't actually expecting different results. I got no further than "Hey, this martini tastes good" (Wednesday night) and "Hey, this wine tastes good and it's an Italian restaurant, how can I not have wine???" (Thursday night). So I do not expect you to have sympathy or be surprised when I tell you of the hives breakout. There are hives. They've broken out in the usual spaces--chest, face, legs, stomach. It's as pretty as it's been the last several times it's happened. But hey, this should be the last time. Let them have their fun.

I'd be more concerned about the hives, if I didn't have to concentrate so hard on walking on the only 2 square inches of my feet that aren't painful. My right foot appears to have ballooned to the size of your average neighborhood cat, while my left is more in the range of a German Shepherd. I can barely put shoes on these monsters. This happened last time and I recall it lasted several days. I'm hoping to return to normal by Monday.

This weekend should be exciting as well. Saturday starts the chemo "danger zone" for the very last time. The next four days are when my white blood cell counts are lowest and I'm most susceptible to all the bad things in this world. In the past three sessions this has meant horrific white blood cell crash, extreme hives outbreak, swollen feet, sore/heavy bones, digestive insanity, and general very tiredness. Woo hoo!! You gotta love the weekends! At this point we have plans to simply take it easy tomorrow and then Sunday I'll be heading into the office to get caught up on a few things. That's the plan, subject to change with any outbreak, inability to get out of bed, fever, or well, sudden rage. But again, I must point out...this is the last time!!!! These next four days are key, but I am 12 days away from being officially done with chemo and off all restrictions. I can't even decide what I want to do first. I think it will likely involve a jacuzzi and a bottle of champagne. And we may have to throw in some of those very dangerous strawberries as well.

In the meantime, some updates... 35 countries and 43 states (plus D.C.) have now been subjected to this blog. Finland, South Korea, Serbia, and Bulgaria are all over it, but do you think South Dakota or Rhode Island can be bothered? No. No they can't. Alabama is also playing hard to get--it's like they're Delaware or something. Don't even get me started on Mississippi.

Also, the epiphany blog is still open and needs your help. There appears to be a clear leader on the votes for which epiphany I will likely have...but it's a three horse race as to which epiphany I actually should have. And I have to say, I'm surprised at the results so far. If you haven't voted, or you have and you've changed your mind, scroll down on the right side and place or change your vote. Remember there are two items to vote on so keep scrolling to get to the second one. I can't be left to my own devices on this epiphany thing. A three-way tie is not going to be helpful!

(oh, and that picture to the right? Google search for Epiphany brings up this photo--apparently there is an Orthodox Epiphany celebration on January 19th each year and it involves ice water. But this sort of seems like me being lead to an ephiphany. Totally comfortable.)


  1. How are you doing? Hope you're just too busy this weekend to blog - and not feeling awful.

  2. Yes, actually, I was feeling really productive and getting things done and I actually forgot to blog!! I was writing, and that's a great thing, but it caused me to forget all about blogging...and cancer!! Thanks for checking in--but yes, it was definitely a good reason for no blog post on Saturday!


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