Monday, February 2, 2009

Cancer Rocks!!

I felt great getting back to work today. So nice just to be a lawyer and not a "cancer person." My first meeting was with a 90 year old client who was signing his will and trust and all that and you know, that kinda takes on a different meaning now. He was sharp, alert, and sure, a little frail but you just have to think "Wow. What a life he's had." 90 years--now that's a survivor. (Oh god, next I'll be singing "Up with People" or some such rot!!). At any rate, it was good to get back to work and be doing something other than sitting around watching stitches disappear. (Okay, I can't actually look at them. You get my point though.)

And then there were the surprises! Laureen and Michelle clearly worked hard while I was gone, the office was very clean and organized (why is that not the case when I'm there? Could there be a connection? thinking...thinking....), clients were not calling in a rage (they may not have noticed my 3 1/2 day absence. How can this be???), and boxes of old files were organized, indexed and ready to be shipped off to storage (they swear they were not in jeans the day they accomplished this...uh huh...apparently they also think my brain is in my right breast). The mail was not overwhelming and happily it included, in no particular order, 1) checks and 2) get well cards (okay, that's the correct order). There were flowers on my desk from clients (Thanks Dennis and Cindy!), the morning client brought in a bag of lemons from his tree (I shall make lemonade promptly...and figuratively); Laureen brought in homemade biscotti and then there was this:

Yep, Boobie Pops! Roryann from restaurant Omakase is at it again! Apparently, Brein rejected these for the Valentine's aphrodisiac menu, but that's just crazy. His loss is my gain. She had a half dozen delivered to the office!! These are like cupcakes, but on a stick and, well, womanly. The center is an Oreo cookie and cream cheese mixture. And the outside is....well, it's just stunning.

You guys sure know how to make cancer fun! I'm sensing a party dessert here.

A little note on the serious I head back to UCLA on Wednesday. The appointment with the oncologist is at 11a.m. followed by the post-operative meeting with the great and good and skilled and talented and "batting 1000 at the Superbowl" (yeah, he's not a sports guy) Dr.Karam at 2pm. I think that's when he breaks up with me (and Chris) since the surgery part of my journey is apparently over. But isn't it nice of him to find somebody else for me? And another doctor too! This doctor is going to up the average age of the professionals treating me though. Dr. Good Karma says this new doctor is "older" and I'm really hoping he doesn't mean, like, 35. But I will miss having a doctor with a CrackBerry Addiction. Wednesday it is. And while that pretty much wipes out any chances of working on Wednesday, at least we are only driving into LA once this week. There's always Saturday for work. Which is good, because before this whole cancer thing what was on our calendar for either Friday (in La Jolla) or Saturday (at Fashion Island) was the Martin Lawrence Gallery reception for Robert Deyber...where I really, really wanted to buy this lithograph:

It's called "Booze Hound." But, it's just not in the budget anymore. Chris and I find though, the more time we are home lounging around in "recovery mode," the more we are inexplicably drawn to it.


  1. Nice pops and picture! How cute are each of those! Maybe tell Seamus to lay off the hard stuff. He's looking a little partied out, what with all the Breast Cancer Celebrating and such. Oh, wait...there's still the Post-Op, Pre-Chemo Birthday Bash!!!! He's a busy guy!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see/eat my Boobie Pop! I'm thinking it's better than the biscotti I made. . . .

  3. Also, I just want to let you know that all of this has really helped me to put my freakin' loser in-law family members aside and not care about their retarded dysfunctionalism--YES, that's a word . . . in my life anyway! Some stuff just soooo does not matter. I'm glad your cancer is helping me keep it all in perspective. ;-)

  4. Seamus, bad doggy! I am the only one who is supposed to pass out on the couch with a bottle of the hard stuff! Teresa, chris, you need to lock the cabinet - and not only when I visit! ;>)

    P.S. Love the boobie pops! Other appetizers such as round crackers with a little whipped cheese and a pimento on top will work too. Ha!

  5. Cancer = perspective. It does seem to be true.
    And Lori, notice the bottle that Seamus had still had something left IN it? See how that's different? ;-)

  6. RoryAnn never gives me boobie pops. She never gives me any pops. Not even for Mother's Day. The picture of Seamus is hard to tell from the picture you want to purchase. Why not just blow up his picture and get it framed. Almost the same thing!

  7. Holly--it would be weird to give Boobie pops for Mother's Day. "Hi Mom, thought I'd, you know, return the favor."

    And yes, in the new cancer budget I'll be doing homemade (bad) art and it will all feature Seamus.

  8. No, I think she wants me to give her your boobies for mother's day! Which might be worse than just returning the favor!


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