Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post Party Post

Valerie has indeed sent me some party photos. Apparently the distance between her computer and mine is further than the distance between Murrieta and Riverside and the whole upload and "send" thing is taking hours. But she is persevering. And just in time because I'm tired. Really, really tired.

So I'm just going to remind you to vote on the Am-Hair-I-Can Idol wigs over to the right and let me know which look is "The Look." I can tell already there is a big split between men (and um, lesbians) and women (and, um, gays). You can't, but I can (based on emails and phone calls).Align Center
And then I'm going to just remind you what some of us were doing at just about this time last week:
On the left--CHRIS KERN and ZEE BEARD (they're both just so happy Obama was elected!!). On the right KATHY DOWNING, T.C. BOND, GUY PITTMAN and LAUREEN PITTMAN. Then next up on the left we have my "Leadership Riverside Girls" BARBARA WALLACE, SHERI NELSON LANDRUM and BECKY WHATLEY,

and then next up is VINCE PRICE, JANE CARNEY and ZEE BEARD (and why do I feel like Valerie said "hey, pretend you are having a really good time." Click. ?)

And next up, DOUG and BARBARA SHACKELTON... but that's Doug with BARBARA MOORE and Barbara with VALERIE ZUCKER...which is not confusing at all. But I think we all know now that the Shackeltons don't have a lot of pink in their closets. Oh, and this other picture? It's where everybody hung out all night. This is of course, the before picture. And then there was the extra special and totally appropriate emergency preparedness gift from BARBARA and STEVE WALLACE. Steve just happens to be an awesome bartender whose cosmos I enjoy annually at their holiday party. But cancer is like he brought me a Jug o' Cosmos. Perfection.

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