Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Sushi in Perris

Okay, not Perris. Riverside. Or anywhere for me, for awhile. (But last sushi in Riverside does not at all sound like "Last Mango in Paris" thus, I claim poetic license. Oh, and I have CANCER!!) And it's not that I eat sushi all that often (because, yeah, I live in Riverside) or even love sushi all that much--I spent three weeks in Japan 100 years ago and that about did it...although I did love Nobu Malibu for STACEY ALDSTADT'S birthday 62 years ago (and we saw Rose Marie and Kirk, not together... but Stacey counted both as "celebrity sightings"...and yet she scoffed at our Brad Garrett sighting...) I rambling? Sushi. Back to the sushi. Or the end of sushi.

Once "they" told me that the not-so-very-long list of things I cannot eat or do during chemo included sushi, well, you know I wanted sushi. And once again it was BREIN and RORYANN CLEMENTS of OMAKASE ( to the rescue (and also somebody who claimed to be Roryann's mother but she preferred her other daughter, Erin, it was just totally obvious, and what kind of mother does that...). We met them for sushi at Sushi Asahi, in, of all places, a little strip mall over next to the Van Buren Drive-in (which by the way, is a great place to go see a movie or two with a bottle of wine--or two--and a picnic if you just happen to have a really cute beagle with a serious separation anxiety problem. Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Bolt however, should be avoided as barking dogs over the radio in a car with a trapped beagle = noisy, and um, trouble. Especially since theoretically, the drive-in does not allow dogs.)

But the sushi--the sushi was excellent! Despite the fact that it was cold out, and apparently that can cause a little less flexibility if one was, say, recovering from surgery, generally unable to use chopsticks, and had a fairly limited reach of the right hand, I was still able to battle my way to several (thousand) pieces of truly delectable sushi. The fact that my favorite was called "Diablo" was purely a coincidence. And the fact that Brein was next to me and an entire glass of mango iced tea dumped onto his lap and thus sidelined him from the sushi free-for-all for a solid 45 seconds, also coincidence.

So, while I can't eat sushi for awhile, you can. And I promised helpful information on this blog. So there you have it. Sushi Asahi. Van Buren. Go. Oh, and Omakase (downtown Riverside; phenomenal food). Go. Eat. Be happy. You never know when some guy in a white lab coat is going to tell you to stop.


  1. Actually, Brein is my favorite child. He's my son (in-law) and cooks the best food in the world-yes, world, invites me to wonderful places to eat, cooks at home for me and cleans up. He treats me with respect, listens to what I say as if he really cares, and laughs at all my jokes. And, get this, he never, ever says that Erin is my favorite.

  2. Wow. I feel like Roryann, Erin and I all just got grounded. I hope I get out in time for chemo. No, wait...maybe I don't.

  3. So, the drive through is open? Last time I was even NEAR there, it was closed...for a very long time... Sushi, not a delicacy I want to try (no, I haven't tried it), but do love a California Roll! My mom tried to get me to try escargot at Gerard's there in Riverside many moons ago. Again, I think not. Saying that it was really good in the "nice rich butter sauce" made it no more appealing to me.

  4. Hey Teresa,

    Wow!! I just found out today per your email...You sound great, and you look beautiful, as usual. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your blog entries. Although, I hope you can end it soon with a clean "bill" of health. It looks like your in great hands...great boyfriend, family and friends, and ( UCLA physicians- my alma mater too!)I wish I could get out there for your birthday bash...maybe...Hang in there my childhood friend...Talk to you soon!

  5. Dear former friend,

    Uh, my birthday was only about two months ago, not, as you reported 62 f'cking years ago. And, YOU are the common denominator with Kirk Cameron sightings. And, really, Brad Garrett?

  6. Stacey--the birthday at Nobu Malibu was many years ago. Not two months ago. And okay, not 62 years ago, but again, I claim poetic license. All I'm saying is if you are gonna count Kirk Cameron or Rose Marie, you have to count Brad Garrett.
    Did I mention I saw Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale with Kingston at the Eli Broad Contemporary Art Museum?

  7. And Laura--yes, the drive-in is open again. Gerards though, not so much.

  8. Hi Teresa,
    I am thinking of you! Your blog is terrific. I am going to share it with a friend of mine who just started her chemo treatments a week ago.

  9. Once that hand gets better try this method for using chopsticks. It's better than going hungry!


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