Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wigging Out with the Am-Hair-i-can Idol

Yeah, I can't believe I just wrote that caption either. But, in my defense, if you look over to the right sidebar, you will see that America can now vote on their favorite wig! 7 options to chose from--but trust me, some of them are not really options (I'm testing you here to see if you just really want me to look bad). Okay, I can hear the questions now-- by sidebar I mean over there under the "about me" stuff, not the photo with this post which has more than 7 options.

I promised the Seamus story, and while I pretend you care and cling to my every word and promise, I realize you don't. Half of you don't know that I made that promise in the last blog. So you won't be disappointed if I defer that story a little longer. Because today I went wig shopping and that was just way, way too much fun to not be blogging about. I went over to Cameo Wigs on Arlington in Riverside, as suggested by HELGA WOLF (she is totally technologically hip and thus may Google herself). The owner is Diane Kraft and she couldn't have been nicer or more fun about the whole experience. LAUREEN PITTMAN went with me and of course CHRIS KERN (yeah, he wants the Google hits too) joined us, which was good because you never quite know what a man looks for in his woman until he, uh, hands it to you (the dark wig was his idea. Who knew?). That makes Support Team #4 in this photo.

Diane tucked my hair all up under this flesh net thing. I was never in "theater" so I'm not at all familiar with this, but it seemed like the first little glimpse of what I might look like bald. I didn't scream. Actually I was having such a bad hair day I was relieved to get it out of the way! And then we just started plopping all sorts of "dos" onto my head. It was like being able to get a new haircut and style in two minutes but if I hated it I could just pop it off my head and move on to the next one! It was a kick. As I believe I've mentioned, I've been blond my whole life--it doesn't really occur to me to have any other hair color anymore than it occurs to me to be short (I'm 5' 10"; short is not going to happen). But now my hair could be any color or style at all. Diane styled them, removed them, plopped on another one, played with them--she even laughed at some (as did Laureen, Chris and I) which was good because then I knew she'd give good advice. Laureen photographed the whole thing...well, until she and Chris got distracted talking about recipes and cooking. I'm constantly having to remind people that this is about me!! Obviously tears and nerves were not a problem at all. And Chris got some great dinner ideas. You know, at a wig shop.

I learned about synthetic vs. real hair wigs. Synthetic costs less, doesn't have to be styled or washed as much, but is hotter to wear. Human hair has to be styled daily, is much more expensive but is cooler to wear. And another little test--one of the wigs in the 7 photos is a "human hair" wig. The others are synthetic. See if you can guess which one. I'm going with synthetic--if I can get out of styling "not my" hair and get out the door in the morning faster, I'm all for it. But place your votes. Let me know what look you think is "the look" for me for the rest of 2009, or so. Keep in mind that in these photos I still have my hair underneath so the wigs look lumpier or not as well fitted as they will when I have just skin underneath (oh, and I have a widow's peak--which we kept having to remember, won't be an issue in the future!), and she can style and cut them (i.e. for bangs, or to be shorter) after we fit them to my hairless head (i.e. in about a month).

I also heard back from the folks at the Cancer Care Center with Pomona Valley Hospital. And sure enough they have a free wig program. The lady was again just super kind and made my appointment with the cosmetologist for next Monday--right before we go to chemo boot camp!
The Cancer Care Center sounds like an interesting place where I might be able to find all sorts of information and necessities.

Next week is a busy cancer (which I totally don't have Dad, but you know, I have all these doctor's appointments!) week. Monday I get enrolled in the wig program at 2, then chemo boot camp at 3, then the therapist at 4 (and drinks at 5, obviously). Tuesday and Wednesday I get to be a lawyer, Thursday is chemo #1 and Friday is ??? Yeah, Friday is the big question. Chemo #1, by the way, they give you over a longer period of time--so we'll be there like 5 or 6 hours. They drip it more slowly in case there is any sort of adverse reaction. I'm hoping my worst reaction is snoring.

But I'll be ready--because this Friday night Dad and Nancy (Okay, that's JIM and NANCY MCELHANNON) are taking Chris and I to Omakase for dinner (the wait staff had better be in pink, that's all I'm saying RORYANN CLEMENTS!!) and he's bringing me some sort of "build your immune system" program and then Sunday Chris's folks JIM and TRUDI KERN (no idea if they Google themselves, but I know she reads the blog!) are coming over for dinner and she promises another of the beautiful, soft and oh-so-comfortable wraps for me to wrap up in whilst in the chair. Everyone's visiting now. Whose going to see me when I'm a Russian spy brunette?


  1. I want to vote for three! Long blonde dream looks like you don't even have a wig on, so if you want to go for the same look it is perfect. But I love the dark & mysterious look (as much as I hate to agree with Chris,since he is not in such a sharing mood lately). But the choppy ash blonde looks good too in a maybe she just cut her hair differently. I will have to think about this before casting my vote. See you Friday!

  2. What no CAPS for me? I'm not bloggable??? Anywho to tell you the truth the wigs all look pretty darn good. I'm gonna think about this and cast my vote later!

  3. you are all capped now, NANCY MCELHANNON. Twice even! ;-)

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  5. :) No - Nancy Teixeira!


  6. I like either the choppy blonde or the red. I voted for the red, but the blonde is beautiful too. And I like the long blonde dream. It looks like you without a wig--but may be too hot in our mild Riverside climate. So I like 3 out of 7. Really, Teresa, you look great in all of them. You are too attrative for any hair sytle or color to ruin your looks! Go with what feels right to you.

  7. Dark and mysterious! Shorter!

  8. Priceless,absolutely priceless. I am delighted the wig store was fun for you. I felt the same way and thought the people there were very kind and helpful-not pushy. And,they thin it down or poof it up or do whatever till its right for you.The synthetic is the right call for convenience and you wash it out occasionaly and fluff it overnight and you're good to go. Honest, it is so quick to get ready with out dealing with HAIR. It us hard to be shorn,especially when youre not at your normal game--but you will be the star that you are. As soon as you get home, you pull that puppy off and if the doorbell rings, whoosh, you plop it back on. First choice is long blond dream and then perhaps the choppy ash for a neat change of pace. They're all nice--you will look great in anything you choose.And yes, I have googled myself several times and the whole availability of so much info still just boggles my mind. I remember working with rooms of gi-normous computers as a youg adult and now there is so much information in teeny tiny components.Amazing world--Whew, I rambled. Off to bed now,purchance to dream....

  9. I voted for the long blonde. The color is good and it looks natural on you. I think it looks very pretty, plus you can fix it in other styles when you want a change.

  10. I like the LONG BLOND DREAM and the CHOPPY ASH BLONDE.

    And I love the pictures from the party!


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