Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And the Blogbos Award Goes To....

The polls have closed. The votes have been tallied. The first annual (and probably only) BLOGBOS (Blog Break Out Star) award goes to (drumroll please....) .....CHRIS KERN!!!!! Cue the orchestra! A standing ovation! Hugs, kisses, tears! (Camera close-ups of the non-winners!?)

Could it have gone any differently? Well, yes. Rory and Restaurant Omakase ran quite a campaign. Seamus is still cursing his lack of opposable thumbs (makes the computer keyboard a little tricky for him). Dr. Karam remained dignified and continued his run as America's only non ego-centric surgeon by not running a campaign and in fact casting his own vote for Seamus. But in the end, it was Chris. It had to be Chris.

Because you are careful and sensitive readers and you too realize that it is Chris who has moment to moment, hour after hour, day by day been there for me through all of this, taking care of me, taking care of Seamus, making me meals, staying up at night with me, making me laugh, encouraging the little bit of exercise I do manage, making the phone calls to friends and family post-surgery/chemo/ and myriad other emergencies, picking up prescriptions, smoothies, weird food requests,and my spirits, battling health care receptionists, calling in reinforcements where needed, making sure I take all my medicines at all the right times, pretending I look not only normal but good, sitting through chemo and keeping not only me but everyone else in the "infusion room" in good spirits, and a million other things with grace and humor and unconditional, unwavering love and total devotion.

Some of you probably don't know this (and I like to think you can't tell) but Chris is a few years younger than I am (Ahem. Twelve.). So while I am a tad young to be going through breast cancer, Chris is astoundingly young to be the caretaker and significant other of a breast cancer patient. And yet he's been perfect. Absolutely perfect. And while I'm sure it hasn't been easy for him, I can honestly say he hasn't complained, hasn't snapped, hasn't said no to anything and hasn't even remotely let on that this is in any way a burden to him or even slightly tiring. He hasn't even lost his sense of humor (and believe me, I've lost mine a time or two). We probably have his parents to thank (they did raise him after all). And he had an example to follow--his mom had breast cancer 15 years ago and apparently his dad was quite the trooper then too. So thanks go to Jim and Trudi Kern. But mostly, my thanks, my love and my eternal gratitude and devotion...and of course the Blogbos, go to Chris.

And you can help me thank him too. Believe it or not, Chris actually has a life of his own and has managed to keep that going through this all too. Besides being the primary organizer and President of our Words & Wine tours, he writes a wine column for Area 9 (formerly 951) magazine. And this Thursday, April 2, 2009 he'll be launching a wine website and blog of his own. The site is Friends of the Forgotten Grapes Please check it out! You'll learn a lot. It's funny, entertaining and very informative. If you enjoy wine at all, you'll enjoy this site--whether you know a little or a lot about wine. It's an irreverent look (hey, it's Chris writing--that shouldn't be a surprise) at some of the lesser known grape varietals--something beyond your cabernets and chardonnays. A great way to expand your wine horizons. He'll feature a different varietal every Thursday. And yes, there are that many of them. The wine tastings have already been underway in our house (remember the one I was pretty useless at a week or so ago?).

Chris's website launch was even mentioned in the current edition of Area 9 magazine--and so was my blog!! (What? You thought I'd get through this whole post without making it about me??). The site will also include some tips on pairing foods with the wines mentioned--the food tips are from none other than Chef Brein of Restaurant Omakase. (They were gracious in their blog defeat.) So, it's off to a great start, but Chris needs your support.

Please join us in a virtual wine tasting party Thursday April 2, 2009 to celebrate the launch. The details are on the site. Which, again, is www.forgottengrapes.com ! Basically, it involves pouring yourself a glass of wine (hey, pick up a bottle of something you haven't tried before...that's the spirit!) and sipping it while perusing the Forgotten Grapes site and maybe sending in a comment or two--on the site or the wine you're drinking or something you'd like to know more about. Who knows, maybe you can become the next Blogbos award winner!

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  1. Congratulations Chris! You really are the star of this blog! We are happy to lose to you. (although Harold is upset Seamus didn't win).


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