Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Chemo Calorie Counting

Yeah, that's not really happening. There are certain rules... well, no, not really rules...guidelines...for things to avoid. I think I've mentioned a few ...sushi, mushrooms, raspberries, anything that maybe is difficult to wash. To be honest, I 'm not real sure. It's all about avoiding any kind of bacterial infection and of course not upsetting my stomach, which is already battling well, ah, chemo and all. So far one of the hardest things is actually remembering that I'm sick. And that I need to think about what I eat or do. Yeah, I'm not good at that. I eat like a teenage boy. Always have. Which is to say, I eat a lot and I pay no attention to "health." (Yeah, yeah, go ahead and tell yourself I got cancer because of my eating habits and so it won't happen to you. What. Ever. Science is not on your side on that. Um, or mine.) But now, I'm trying to pay attention. Trying to not eat anything that might cause problems. Only I'm hungry all the time! I can't eat as much in one sitting as I could before (this, I'm sure, is a really good thing) but I need to nibble or snack every hour or so. Despite this, I've lost 4 pounds in 5 days. Really hoping that keeps up!

So here's how my care and feeding plan went today: Breakfast was a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter (which took two tries, I made it and then left the room momentarily and of course, Seamus stole the first one). Lunch was In 'n Out--cheeseburger, fries and an iced tea. The fries tasted funny to me (the metallic taste in my mouth thing), but otherwise, mmmmm. I did manage a couple of carrot sticks as a snack (because right, you need a snack when you've had In 'n Out for lunch!!), but then dinner was....Omakase!! Tonight they switched to the Spring menu so they had a special tasting and wine pairing. Not to be missed. But I had to carefully consider the menu whereas normally I would have just said "whatever the chef is making" (yeah, he's that good). I thought I was being really good--garden salad (that's it in the picture up top), potato gnocchi and belly of Vande Rose Pork and I limited myself to one beautiful glass of wine. But the food was so dang good I kept stealing from Chris's plate...and glass. Which meant I also "tasted" Fuet de Vic and Roast marrow of Brandt Beef. I did stop at Sweetbreads of Milk-fed veal (Chris didn't stop). I don't know if this means I'm doing chemo all wrong or all right. I suppose time will tell. But right now, tonight, I feel really good. It's nice to still be going out, still have energy (yeah, I did have to take a nap between work and dinner), and to be able to enjoy a really, really good meal (two actually--come on, In 'n Out is really good too!).


  1. Thelma-
    I want to be on the chemo diet. Last nite I had a PB & J (really only the crust I cut off Anika's sandwich) and freezer pizza. I probablly gained 4 lbs. Happy to hear you're enjoying the yummier things....El Torito next week ???(not from 12-1:30 !!!)
    See you soon (and the movie was on last nite.....they lived).

  2. Well, that's not nearly as bad as I thought you were going to have it. I was thinking luke warm oatmeal throughout your chemo. It just seemed that would be it from your list of, "Just stay away from everything during your treatment" list. So, yay! You can be a real person when you eat! Regarding food and cancer... What DOESN'T cause cancer? Doesn't a new study come out every week with yet another food that causes some sort of cancer? I have a weakness for hot dogs with all the fixings. Yeah, they cause cancer...IF I ATE THEM EVERY DAY AT EVERY MEAL!!!! Oh, and BBQ. Cancer. Fried potatoes. Whatever. I shall not live in fear of yummy stuff!

  3. I am with Louise--I want to be on the chemo diet and have dinner at Omakase!

  4. Dinner was fabulous and Miss Teresa looked fab as well. It was hard not to go for the chefs sampling and the wines were soooo good.
    I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks due to yukkky food,coffee,even water was "off"Frightening to see the weight drop but then it stabilizes and you usually gain a few back. I pray you will be one of the lucky ones--in fact I know you will be:)


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