Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Miss My Steroids (Chemo Day 4)

Did you miss me last night? No posting. Yeah, Saturday night's a busy one in chemo-land so no time to post. Or, actually, I finally did get tired. Day 3 (Saturday) they took me off the steroids and all I was taking was Zafran (anti-nausea). No nausea, but no fun energy boost from the steroids anymore either. And the "digestive" problems kicked in. And not the one they told me to expect. Enough said. All in all, I'm doing fine it's just that Saturday was a little slower going than Friday and I slept a lot more. Sort of acted like a chemotherapy patient. A little bit. But Chris and I did get out and take Seamus for a walk--they lasted a lot longer than I did, but that's always the case.

Today's big plan involves getting up and out of the house--to my office!! Just for a few hours. Chris and Seamus are headed over to the dog park. That's not a place I can hang out during chemo (just think of the um...bacteria...that's there and you'll understand why), but Seamus needs to run off some energy and I'm sure Chris needs to just be off-duty. Then, finally, tonight...perhaps it will be time to post the "Seamus Conquers Cancer" story. Because yeah, he had no trouble with chemo either. Except that one weekend...


  1. Theresa, I have two able bodied little dog walkers around the corner from you, if you and Chris both need time relax.
    Having a new furry son makes me realize how tough it can be if you're energy is low.
    Take care, Sheila

  2. Awww, is that Seamus? What a cute picture. As far as your "tiredness"... I guess it could be worse, right? So far so good???


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