Friday, March 6, 2009

Split Ends, Loose Ends and Lands End

Day 9 of chemo. So tomorrow is the big day 10--the beginning of the "danger zone." The next stage of chemo watch, as we expect greater fatigue and susceptibility to infection. This whole next week should be interesting because of that and then of course, the hair loss should happen. I'm already starting to look for it. No signs yet, but it's early still. But here's a funny thing about that--I've run out of my favorite Kiehl's shampoo and I don't really feel like spending $25 on a new bottle that I'll use for oh, a week. I'm making do with random samples, odd bottles of shampoo I've tried and didn't like so didn't finish, that sort of thing. Same with styling products. I'm feeling a little like a bag lady...of course, one who gets really nice sample products at Nordstrom, but still. It occurs to me that it will be very strange to not need any of those things for like a year (how much styling can you do with an inch of hair??). And a blow dryer? Thing of the past! What will I do with all that spare time? I may become a morning person after all! And by morning I mean I may be able to make it into the office by 9a.m.

Okay, that was the split ends portion of the post (you got that right?). Now for some loose ends... I forgot one statistic back in the chemo Keno post. Women seem quite convinced that if breast cancer doesn't run in their family they don't have much to worry about. Uhhh....I have 6 aunts, a mom and an older sister all still alive and none have had breast cancer. Neither of my grandmothers had it either. It's actually only about 10% of the cases of breast cancer that are "genetic." The rest are as random as my posting topics. To quote Dr. David Chan (colleague of the great and good Dr. Karam and author of "Breast Cancer: Real Questions, Real Answers"):

"Contrary to popular belief, most breast cancer is not inherited. Eighty to eighty-five percent of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients do not have a direct relative who has had the disease. "

Have I mentioned lately the importance of self-exams and getting your mammogram? Go girls, go.

Another loose end. No, I don't speak French. I'm pathetically, disgustingly bad at it. We leave the french-speaking portion of the Words & Wine tours to Rachel and Raphael, both of whom are fluent in English and French. Whereas, after three years of french wine tours I still can't even say "wine" in french. They say it like "van" only elegant. I say it like "van" only like a Chevy. Chris is farily decent at it--he can at least order off the menus for us, but poor boy travels with me and no matter where I go (any country, anywhere) folks instantly speak English. They not only know I'm an American, they know I'm from California (I'm hoping the hair color change changes all this!). So while Chris wants to give it a try and practice his French, they basically demand I speak English and not destroy their beautiful language.

And now for Lands End! You guys were awesome at getting blog hits in some new states and a new country!! Shout out to step-mom Nancy for getting Japan lit up (um, on my Google map, she wasn't like, drinking with the whole country; I don't want to start rumors) and she got me the second hit from Indonesia (Stacey Aldstadt had already covered that once--but I'm liking two hits. I'm bigger in Bali than I am in Beirut now). We've also added Albuquerque, New Mexico; Omaha, Nebraska and Northville, Michigan (that's Nancy ain't the ex). Those were new states. Now I'm looking for Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin (hello Shackeltons??), Mississippi, and Alabama. This will cover the "outside" states of the US. Then we'll work on filling in some missing spots in the middle of the country. Oh, and Virginia checked in! But it wasn't my college roommate. Unless she's traveling....

And speaking of traveling...we are off to Beaglefest in the morning. Which may delay Chris's Hair Update. I'm sure you were all wondering and waiting. He'll probably post on Sunday. Unless Seamus wins "most melodic voice" and we're doing the press tour. There's always that.


  1. Oh Boobie Guru (that's you Teresa)(and I mean that in the nicest way possible), isn't there another test besides a mammogram that detects breast cancer more realiably? I remember reading something, or it may have been a bad dream. I thought I read that insurance companies wouldn't cover the test because it was too expensive or some such. Oh, and the reference to the hair color change makes me think it's the brown wig--did I guess right?

  2. Why does hair give away where e are from? Jayson and I went out to dinner one night and when asked where we were from, they said they "figured we were from California, because I looked like I was". And these people were from some back woods place here in Louisiana. And where we were eating is very nice...kinda funny to hear southerners order sushi. So, now you've got me holding my breath this upcoming week.... Fatigue, infection, hair loss.... It's like waiting for the hurricanes out here!!!!!!!!!!! Please take care and be careful wherever that applies. Don't go touching grocery carts and public toilets, go running a mile (unless someone horrible is chasing you) and maybe try not to brush your hair so much. I dunno. Just some suggestions....

  3. 2 more weeks and I'll try and get some Africa on your map!


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