Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Phantom Ponytails and Chemo Cocktails

Today was a good chemo day. Which is what I've been told. You start feeling really good and almost back to normal, just in time for the next round of just about 12 hours from when I'm typing this. So, I had a nice, normal, productive day at work which included a new client meeting where I didn't feel like there was any reason to explain that I'm "cancer person." I just got to be "lawyer person" (redheaded lawyer, which totally eliminates any blonde lawyer jokes!) And hey, it's nice to focus on someone else's issues! I even felt good enough to go to my Riverside Humane Society Board meeting at lunch. My "public debut" of the red wig. People were able to recognize me, but it took a few double takes (but just for those who aren't reading the blog; blog followers were all clued in). And they gave me a round of applause--you know, just for being alive and showing up. It was silly, but fun. When I got home there was another card in the mail (thanks Barbara Moore; and yes, Chris is fantastic. But I knew that already). Chris, Seamus and I took a walk (that's 4 out of the last 5 nights I've gone for a walk, for those of you counting; I know I am). And then Chris made a "chemo-prep" dinner: steak with a little bleu cheese and spinach. Don't tell, but I also had a little glass of wine. Very little, since I'm back on the steroid/ anti-nausea medicine again as of tonight. Gearing up for tomorrow. So I feel reasonably prepared . I know a bit more about what to expect. Well, except that new medicine to prevent the white blood cell crash. I'm just going to hope for the best on that. It's got to be better than that crash day. Right?

Now, about that phantom even though I have no hair, or very, very, very little hair, I still have these phantom ponytail moments where I reach for my hair to push it back or gather it together in the back. This particularly happens in the shower. I'm used to shampooing my hair, rinsing it and then using my hands to slick it all back and squeeze it out. Well, um...that doesn't really work so well now but I keep trying. And even when there is nothing on my head (no wig, no scarf) it feels like something is there and every so often I will reach to take out the ponytail...the phantom ponytail. One more thing to get used to. Of course, post-surgery it took me a very long time to learn to put on a shirt or a robe from my right side first, instead of left first and then having to reach my right (surgery side) arm around behind to find a sleeve. I learned it just about when it didn't matter any more. I think I might be able to get over the phantom ponytail a little more quickly. I like to think I'm learning.

And chemo cocktails? Yeah, they're giving me one tomorrow once again. But that's not what I'm talking about. One of the great things I learned at the Humane Society meeting has to do with margaritas!! A chance for post-chemo cocktails!! The Caliente Bar & Grill (Alessandro and Fredrick in Moreno Valley) is having a Fiesta Fundraiser for the Riverside Humane Society! On March 23, 24 and 25th 25% of total food sales generated by supporters will be donated to the Pet Adoption Center!! By the 24th I'm done with meds again and should be feeling pretty good. So guess where Chris and I are going on March 24th for dinner? And it just so happens they have margaritas and margaritas were the one thing that still tasted good when I had the whole metallic mouth thing going on. So even if it comes won't defeat a margarita. Who wants to join us?? Come for a drink, chips, dinner, whatever. But join me for a "2 chemo down 2 to go" toast and in raising some funds for the Riverside Humane Society Pet Adoption Center. We'll be there at about 5:30--happy hour, here we come! You need to bring a flier to get the 25% donation--so let me know if you can stop by and I'll send you a flier. Chemo cocktails with all my friends! But, you know, in a good way.

I'll post tomorrow post-chemo. We'll give you the beanie baby update. How many have survived? And do we think chatty Cathy will be there with me again?? And what wig will I choose for chemo? So much mystery!


  1. T-a redhead is just a blonde with a temper--so the blonde jokes still count and you can slap the person telling them.

  2. T-a redhead is just a blonde with a temper--so the blonde jokes still count and you can slap the person telling them.


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