Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Getting Messy

Today was the first day out in public with the new hair. I'm not thinking this will last long. It's hot, it's scratchy, and the "hair" keeps falling in my face. It's a little hard to tuck behind my ears--bangs aren't quite long enough, the construction of the wig kind of prevents it, and it looks fairly unnatural. I may have to go get the red wig styled (and shorter bangs cut). But I'm getting the sense that scarves and hats will be my friends. Mostly scarves. Especially the warmer the weather gets. I did meet a new client today and thought, oh, this is the first person ever to meet me as a redhead. He'll think of me as a redhead. Probably right up until the next meeting where I'll be wearing a scarf. I forgot to pay attention to whether he "talked smarter" to me though. So I may have to try harder and extend the "how the other half lives" experiment.

And the hair fall-out continues. I now definitely have patches of bald spots. Actually, I sort of have male pattern baldness. But these little hairs that my head have been shaved down to just drop off everywhere and all the time. It's quite annoying. What's left is useless to me, so I'd rather all hairs just leap from my head and be through with it!

So it's fair to say my grumpiness/ edge of depression remained in precarious balance today. Cancer can be tedious. I don't recommend it. You know, in case you were thinking about it.

But in my small ways of amusing myself, I do have this to report: Head to the Save the Tatas website soon. The pictures Laura's husband took in Iraq of the soldiers with the Tatas bumper sticker should be showing up soon. And in my plot to take over the world, or the Google map, whichever occurs first, the blog is now up to 16 countries! After Ireland joined the fun, Switzerland, Russia, India, New Zealand, Finland and Japan jumped all over it. And I know someone checked in from Prague, but Google isn't counting that for some odd reason. Unless Prague is in Japan and I somehow don't know that. So 16 countries, but I still can't get Wisconsin to check in. And Montana and Wyoming are apparently closed for the winter.

Oh, and Chris and Seamus and I went for a walk tonight. That's 3 days in a row. 3 days. In a row! It's like I'm healthy or something.

Tomorrow I'm back to Quest for more blood tests to make sure I'm in good shape for them to poison me up with chemo again. Is this a test I want to pass? At any rate, the quest for healthcare in Riverside should yield interesting stories again. So I'll chat with you then.


  1. I'll ask my friend Jamie Ford in Montana to check out your blog so you can get a Montana hit - but you have to check out his debut novel, HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET. (#33 on NY Times Bestseller list this week!)

  2. Yes, those pictures should be showing up soon. I let Jayson know, again, today that the email was sitting in his yahoo email. He'll be getting those out to them as well as you, you know, in case you have a "my stint with cancer" scrapbook or something. Hope you take the Irish Coffee suggestion. It'll be good for you! Warm happiness!

  3. Teresa,

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! We hope your blood tests came back in the acceptable range and your experience was better than the last time.

    Tera & Brian

  4. 4 days and I'm outta here! America that is. I seem to remember in National Geographic East African women having some attractive head coverings. I'll be on the look out for an nifty item for your noggin.


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