Saturday, June 13, 2009

An Angels Anniversary (it was all A's)

Be warned--if you are looking for some sad, crazy, or even funny cancer treatment story you've got the wrong blog today. Yeah, sure, this is a blog about my cancer "odyssey" but I took the day off from cancer. Instead, it's a happy little post about Chris and me celebrating our five year anniversary. June 12, 2004 was our first date--at an Angels game. So, June 12, 2009 found us back in the Diamond Club at an Angels game (that's why we are dressed alike. We don't normally do that. I promise. And wow, isn't Chris great at those arm in the air self-photos?) You can tell it was a special occasion because I'm in drag (hair and eyelashes! This was big!)

Our first date was a lot of fun (yeah, um, that's why we kept dating) and it also marks the anniversary of me learning the term "cougar." (I've now perfected my knowledge. Ahem.) There were a pair of cougars in the seats in front of us at that first game. This time, there was a family of four (note back of heads; ladies--do not do this to your hair. And this is coming from a woman who has no hair). Both times however, there were obnoxious drunk guys behind us. Ah, public sporting events. But the Angels were kind enough to win for us, and Angels Stadium set off a bunch of fireworks--just for us, we're sure. I like these times when I get to return to normal, however briefly. And nothing says normal like bad dye jobs, drunk guys and fireworks at a baseball game. I may have been a little more tired than normal, and "in drag" but it was a great night out with a fantastic man who doesn't care if I'm in drag, or bald or fighting cancer, or cranky, or any of those things I've been in the last several months. Which is why mostly what I've been for the last five years is lucky.

Oh, and Chris didn't even mind that for the second time in 5 days a stranger came up to him and commented that he looked like Jay Leno. He didn't even mind when drunk Angels fan asked him to do a Jay Leno impression (yes, he did it and yes, it's very good). When his hair is long, people think he looks like Jay Leno. When it's short, Vince Gill. You decide. To me, he's all Chris. And all mine. ;-)


  1. Still the best blog out there. A woman in drag is priceless! I have got to head to California. By the way, 5 years and all this? Chris is a keeper. Congrats?

  2. WOW! Seriously fun blog post. Love the ending!! Big change from "boy toy" days -- and yeah, he's definitely a keeper. You guys are BOTH lucky -- you get Chris, but hey! he gets YOU! Love ya both!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Wow-5 years already! So much for that "we're NOT dating" thing ;>) Glad you kept NOT dating him until you figured out he was a keeper. And he is definitely a keeper. You two are great together :) Mucho congrats!


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