Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Like a Snow Day

I've never lived anywhere with snow and certainly never had a snow day that caused me to miss school, but I think I understand the concept. And today was like a snow day.

I got up at 6:30a.m. and went downstairs to make my coffee (I've been having my coffee and breakfast downstairs while doing my lawyerly continuing education reading for an hour each morning pre-radiation). I didn't even get the coffee started when the radiation office called and told me their machine was down and I didn't need to come in. They said they'd call me if/when it was back up.

Woo Hoo!! No radiation today!! So I went back to bed. Only I couldn't sleep. I realized they were going to tack that day on to the end of my treatments. Now instead of ending on July 13th, my treatments will end on July 14th. Woo Hoo no school. Boo hiss they add it to the end and cut into my summer. This is like a snow day, right? I can only have 3 more "snow days" before my "end of treatments" party on the 19th is premature. 15 treatments down, but there are still 18 to go. I suppose statistically my odds are good--the machine was only down once in 15 treatment days, so in theory (!!!) will only perhaps be down one more time before I'm through. Friday will get me past the halfway point--if the machine is back up!! [Note to self: ask how old this dang machine is!!]

I suppose the other good part about getting to skip a day of radiation is that it gave the treated area (such a nice euphemism for my right breast, isn't that?) a break. I'm starting to get those sharp shooting pains more frequently and then this weird pressure pain that actually causes me to gasp and take deep breaths to get past. Luckily both are short, quick pains, but pains nonetheless. The pressure pain lasts a little longer and freaks me out a bit (if it were more to the left, instead of so obviously where they are treating, I'd probably think I was having a mild heart attack--you know, if I were a drama queen or something). 18 more treatments should make this a good time.

If you wouldn't mind, could you send some good vibes to the radiation machine? Surely it responds to vibes, right?


  1. I am sending you every one of my good vibes to use. I'm not saving even one for me. Of course, really, how good could my vibes be? They may be a little defective. However, I'm sure lots of people are sending good vibes, too.

  2. So do you know for sure it isn't a heart attack? Is that normal? (this isn't your mother).

  3. OK now I'm starting to get annoyed that my father in law never had any symptoms or pain when they were radiating his prostate (a nice way to say butt, because thats where they aimed). Since they were living with us for six months I WANTED him to need to rest! Hey, maybe if you are a pain, you don't get pains :)
    Kathy G


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