Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hairy Sundays

As promised...the hair watch continues on Sunday. No, not Chris! My hair. Yep, I have hair. Okay, well, like two hairs, but it's hair!! I like to think of this as a five o'clock shadow, but Chris says it's more like a noon shadow. Still, there are signs of hair growth. It's at a stage where it's hard to stop rubbing it. There's just something about the fuzziness. Chris seems to like rubbing it too--so of course I have to then worry that we'll rub it off. At any rate, things to note besides just the general appearance of hair stubble: first, it's definitely darker, and second, no signs of "curliness" yet. Too early I'm sure.

Oh, and if you ever wondered what eyebrow stubble looked like, well, now you know. The part of the eyebrow closest to the nose, that looks like a shadow or a bruise? Yeah, that's new hair growth. It's hard to get a
picture of that and it's even harder to get a picture of eyelash stubble, so you'll just have to trust me, it's happening!

So other than the ever fascinating hair watch, how are things going? Well, not bad. Thanks for asking. I feel pretty good and so far haven't felt the effects of the radiation. I did sleep in until 9:30 Saturday morning, but that's a good thing. I needed that! I don't think it was so much from radiation fatigue as just fatigue from getting up and getting to radiation Monday through Friday. Anyway, after an early afternoon visit from my dad, I went into the office for all of Saturday afternoon and on into the evening. Sunday (today) was a nice day at MICHELLE OUELLETTE'S in her beautiful newly landscaped Provencal-like backyard for our writer's group meeting, which is not really what's important about Sunday. What's important is that Seamus got to run and play with Will and Nellie. Seamus heart Will (and Seamus tolerate Nellie; they have a dominance battle going on). The top photo is of the boys--Chris, Seamus and Will looking on. It's days like today that make me almost forget I'm a cancer patient.


  1. I COVET that backyard!!

  2. Gardens are great for relaxing. Hope you get to spend more time there!


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