Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Double Dogs Double Digits

Alright so the photo is double dogs, but you have to admit that's cuter than double digits. That's Seamus and Nellie (Michelle Ouellette's dog; both dogs are rescues from the Riverside Humane Society Pet Adoption Center)--they terrorize and totally deserve each other. And they both love Will. Who is not in the photo. He was likely just trying to catch a break from these two.

But back to the double digits: I've now been radiated 10 times. And as Holly noted in the comments, apparently that's much like when a kid turns 10. It's just a number with some significance. I feel like I've accomplished something, even though I'm not yet 1/3 done with the last 1/3 of my treatment (that will be tomorrow!). The sweet little old lady who is radiated before me (you know, Mrs. 8:45) came out and said "That's 10 down!" So, apparently we all think it's a big number. (By the way, she "only" has 25 radiation sessions--8 less than me, so she's even more excited about getting through 10.)

I was pretty tired this afternoon and seriously considered a nap. There was just too much going on in my office. And I had a strategic planning committee meeting for the Humane Society also in my office at 5, so there was no time for a nap. I can't quite tell if this is tired from the radiation or just general tired that I'm feeling. It does feel vaguely like the "hit the wall tired" chemo-fatigue, but who knows. Nothing I can do about it so I won't trouble myself thinking about it. I mean...more than I just did.

Here's more Matt Lauer for you. This is the link from this morning's Today Show cancer coverage: The Financial Cost of Cancer. And speaking of that...I got a call yesterday from the chemo oncology place I was going to. Turns out they owe me a refund. I knew they would. I knew they were off in what I would owe as my 20% since I knew I'd hit my maximum with the surgery. It took them a couple of months but they figured it out too. So, they've put a check in the mail for a few hundred dollars. That'll cover a mai tai or two come December. Alo-ha-hahahahahahah!!


  1. I've put in my time off request for your cancer butt kicking party. Anxious to see you. :-)

  2. Teresa,
    Cut yourself some slack! Take naps, relax. Heck I do it and there is nothing wrong with me! All that other stuff is going nowhere and can wait. BE SELFISH, your are allowed.
    Kathy G


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