Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beware: Shocking Photos

Okay, I've had some pretty shocking photos on this blog. Some have made you wince, some have made you laugh, and some have made you cry. This posting's photos should make you gasp.

Why? Because I'm holding a baby!! I'm generally too frightened to do this until about the age when the baby can actually ask to be picked up. I'm always convinced their heads will fall off when I'm holding them. Yeah, you could say I have natural instincts. As a lawyer.

Jayden (he's my assistant Michelle's baby--born March 7th) doesn't really know this, but I challenged him to a hair growing competition. And since I haven't done a hair update in a bit (yeah, it's been all about Chris's spectacular hair) I figured he could help me model the progress. Seems Jayden has me on length--well, where he actually has hair. But I think I've got more "coverage." (And have I mentioned I have eyebrows now? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I do.)

Jayden didn't really care whether he was winning or not. He cared only that his mother was nearby and food was available shortly. And to emphasize that he spit up in a very projectile manner shortly after the photo session. The kid's got personality.

Really, the challenge should have been which one of us would cover the red irritated mark at the base of the skull first. I understand on babies they call this mark a "stork bite." But Jayden's mark looks just like mine and no stork has been near me in, uh, um, well...let's just say many (many) years. And I'm telling you that pictures of chemo haired women all show this mark. So what is it about the back of the head in this lower spot that it gets all read and irritated? Check out our "stork bites":
Okay, those are maybe a little hard to see--especially Jayden who definitely wins the "neck rolls" competition (thank goodness!!). Take my word for it, we both have this rash looking thing in the same spot.

My far simpler hair update is just that, simple. The hair is making a valiant effert--it's getting there, it's way darker, my eyebrows are pretty much in and my eyelashes are trying--they just aren't long enough so that mascara really matters yet. I'm still a little scary looking, so the magic super scarves will still be in action for probably a few more months. We go to Chicago in be nice if I didn't have to pack scarves and wigs. Oh, and now I know I have a weird cowlick on the back of my head. Huh.


  1. When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. You totally look great with no (or little) hair. I think it may be time to skip the scarfs and the wigs. Go for it. You do have the bone structure (I thought "bone structure" was a myth!) to pull it off. Especially when holding a cute baby.

  2. Yeah, easy there--that is NOT bald. That's a full head of hair where I'm coming from!
    I'll consider walking around holding a baby at all times, but my initial reaction is that that may have its own issues. Like Child Protective Services.

  3. Whatever it is, it looks great!

  4. Awwah! You both still have stork bites!!


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