Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cancer Dork

Ya think Loser was a little too strong huh? Awww. Thanks. I even appreciated that blog-lashing from Laura! Such love. So maybe I'm not a loser. I'm just a cancer dork. That's really more the case. I'll go with that for now. (Just so we're clear though...that's not actually me in the photo. Chemo isn't that harsh! I do kinda dance like that though.)

And here's how cancer dork is doing...not bad. I'll consider this two good days in a row. The queasiness is pretty much gone. Apparently cheeseburgers are the answer. Oh, yeah, and Taxol makes you eat like a little kid. Or, well, it makes me eat like a kid. I've had cheeseburgers and fries for the last two days. And today I had Kraft mac 'n cheese for lunch and then two 1/4 lb beef hot dogs and chips for dinner!! No, seriously, why am I not losing weight during chemo?? If anybody had any ideas at all please pass them on. It's mystifying. I also had a glass of wine tonight. First one in close to 2 weeks. It tasted good, but I could tell before I even finished it that it maybe wasn't a good idea. Small little headache and, well, I'll be having a baking soda water chaser. And in other side effect news, the heavy limbs thing has started too, but it's a little different this time. It's mostly in my legs and feet. Yeah, feet. The bones in my feet hurt. Super not comfy. Oh, and I don't think I mentioned before that I bruised the bottom of my foot. Yeah, the bottom of my foot. I stepped up on a little step-stool thing to reach something on the top shelf of my closet. When I stepped down, I stepped onto the heel of a shoe. And that's all it took! I have a two inch circular bruise in the bottom arch of my foot. Yeah, you bruise easily when you're on chemo. I know that now. So I've got a bruised arch and aching foot bones. Weirdness abounds. See, cancer dork!

By the way, since some of you have asked, here's the answers:

1) yes. And sometimes I reply to your comments too. But you'd have to go back to check where you left the commet to see if I replied. That's kind of a lot of work, I know, but it's also the only way that makes sens.

2) No, not all of my hair. 90% is gone; there's a feisty ten percent that is about an inch long now and sticks straight up. Chris calls it "little hair. BIG attitude!." And yes, I still have my eyebrows and eyelashes.

3) Yes, I'll be talking to Dr. Karam about finding a longterm oncologist at UCLA. In fact, we see him tomorrow (Thursday...probably as you're reading this).

4) Oh yeah. Totally.

5) That's not really any of your business is it? ;-)

That's all for tonight. Because I'm sure you all remember tomorrow is another Forgotten Grapes website update so we're all about that tonight. Check it out:



  1. Thelma
    It's all about faith, my friend.It is the key to all that ails you. Here's to those good days continuing...and you only dance like that when there's a booth. Care to share THAT story ?

  2. Oh, I think one El Torito in the 90's story is enough. ;-)

  3. LOL... Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Elaine dances like a total goof ball? Kinda reminds me of that.


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