Saturday, April 4, 2009

Catching Up and Clarifying

I kinda figured I'd be getting a few comments about Thursday nights post. I just wasn't expecting the phone calls I got. So okay, first, I didn't have a bad childhood. I had an unusual one, but no better or worse than most. And my family is no stranger than yours (although it might be a little more, shall we say, extended). It's just the nature of families. And Valerie--of course I knew you were kidding and you aren't leaving me for those inspirational women. Please. With your attitude, they won't have you at their table either! As I said, there's a reason we're friends. And it's not for inspiration. It's got a lot more to do with the laughs. In fairness, I will share with the readers just how emotionally supportive I've been to Valerie (aka Louise to my Thelma...which will become clear in a moment). But let me be clear--she was a great support to me Monday night and has been through this whole cancer "journey."

Once upon a time, many years ago, Valerie and I ran away from home together, leaving the husbands behind (quite literally) and preparing for the imminent divorces. We shared a condo in Palm Springs. Not too much later we were cheering ourselves up over Cadillac margaritas at El Torito, when in walked Valerie's husband. With a date. My heartfelt and sympathetic words to her? "Well, um, if it feels like life is kicking you in the teeth right now, I'm just going to confirm for you that it is." That's all I had for her!! No "you're way prettier than she is" or "God has a plan" or "Quick, go stand by that super hot guy at the next table." No, nothing helpful or at all inspired. And she's still my friend! I think she even laughed. God I hope I bought the drinks. And I just realized my coping mechanisms haven't changed in 15 years. I'm still hanging out with sarcastic friends and sipping margaritas.

So those are my clarifications. Phew. When did everyone get so sensitive? Is it the cancer?

Now for some catching up. First, I feel great today. Great. As normal as I've felt I think since this whole thing started 3 months ago. I even slept solidly for 9 hours last night. 9 hours!! today I had enough energy to clean off my desk, write an article for Area 9 magazine, catch up on some emails and have a glass of wine with a friend and another one at dinner with Chris! And I haven't even had a nap.

Other things I pretend you care about: the cards have kept arriving (thanks Barbara Ryan! And Ricki, Trudi, Marcia, and Barbara Moore....and anyone I may have missed!). And Betty Rowe dropped off at my office the perfect gift during "hives" week-- a big bottle of Seasource Detox Spa Shower and Skincare gel!! I like it a lot and it seems to be soothing the skin quite nicely. I don't even think she could have known, the timing was so quick and perfect. And today Seamus unintentionally outed his little helper that previously dropped off the Cakebread Chardonnay. Seems the co-conspirator tried to sneak up today and drop off a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir to congratulate Chris on his Blogbos award. But Seamus was alerted by something at the gate and set off the alarm (howl). Chris looked up from his desk and saw none other than ZEE BEARD at the gate!We invited her in and shared a glass. Of course, we also swore we'd pretend not to know and said she was welcome to drop off wine anytime. Anyone is, actually. It's the next best thing to appearing at my gate with a beagle.

Also, Wisconsin has checked in and shown the love. Thanks Pete and Heather Klug! In fact, the only states who haven't shown the blog love are: South Dakota (I broke my arm there; you'd think they'd care); Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Delaware, Rhode Island and Maine. Not bad, huh? Oh, and 29 countries are now lit up on my beloved Google map. We've added South Korea, Austria, Croatia, Japan and Brazil.

And lastly, I washed my hair today. Pretty exciting for a bald chick, right? No, really, I washed the red wig. It seemed time. And yeah, it was a little weird to wash hair in the sink--while standing up straight. And it looks a little weird in the sink too. Drying it is a trick also. They give instructions on the wig shampoo bottle that get you right up to "rinse with cool water." Then I was stuck holding this mass of wet hair, wondering...squeeze? towel dry? comb? Hmmm.I opted to squeeze out the water, put the wig on its little metal holder thing (even I could figure out the styrofoam head was not an option for a wet wig) and use the wire brush ever so gently. Then I used bobby pins to hold back the sides in what I'm sure will be a futile effort to get it to dry so those stupid little hairs don't fall in my face. I'm sure I just created weird creases in the sides of my wig. I'm telling you, this was not a wimpy experience. Expect more scarves.


  1. Oh my god, what a horrific story about your friends ex! I feel just a tad less annoyed at my ex marrying a teenager! OK, maybe not. "God has a plan..." Had anyone said that to me, I would have kicked them in the throat...

  2. Ex's are all bad. . . why does that surprise people? Anyway, the only thing that I am concerned about in your post is the fact that you said you "cleaned off your desk." That means my "desk" (I don't even really have one, by the way) is all honked up with work-type stuff. That's okay. I know . . . I'm being paid. And maybe I'd better stop at this 3rd glass of wine. And I am really glad you're feeling well. See you tomorrow.


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