Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Brief...

In last night's posting I was, not surprisingly, a little too optimistic about my day today. It was a lazy day of sleeping, reading and well...not much else. That's because the new chemo has caused me to be queasy all day. Not too horrific, but I'm not exactly full of energy either. And eating has been...well, difficult. I had breakfast for dinner (yogurt) and that about sums up that. The new chemo is now Taxol instead of Taxotere...I still get the Cytoxan too...apparently words with "tax" and "tox" in them are just not good.

All that's my way of saying, I'm not really up for a blog post tonight. I was going to give some version of my "top ten" tips I'd give to a someone newly diagnosed with breast cancer. But one of those would definitely be "sleep when you need to." So, I'm just going to follow that bit of advice now.


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