Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Feet Short of Seven

I'm still going to say I made it to 7 days in a row of feeling good. Because this falls more in the "weird things that happen on chemo" category than it does "bad day." But I think I'm experiencing a little of the neuropathy they keep mentioning and asking about. You know the feeling when something, say your mouth at the dentist, gets numbed and then just as the numbness is wearing off? How you can feel things but not feel things? Yeah, that's my feet. Particularly my left foot. And both feet are swollen sausages, with little red dots all over them. And my toes keep getting little cramps. The swollen and tingly/numb feeling started yesterday...but I'm wondering now if that didn't contribute to my fantastic fall UP the stairs on Sunday (I just missed the stair--part of my foot was on it but part wasn't and down I went). The red bumps and toe cramps just started tonight. Cancer dork, indeed.

And the hives are back a bit. Sadly, it's probably my fault. My office went to Ciao Bella for Happy Hour as a "Administrative Assistant's Appreciation" get together (a day early; I have a busy staff with busy schedules of their own). I did not try yet another glass of wine in yet another futile science experiment. I had Rum & Diet Coke. Clearly, Diet Coke exarcebates the hives. It might also be this 100+ degree weather we are having. I know the hot shower makes the red bumps show up in all their glory, so perhaps the heat does too. I'm going with that.

I once again also learned that two client meetings at work is about my energy limit. Today I had two meetings and a conference call and that was it for me. Nap time. Or, er, happy hour time. I still consider today a good day though. Many of you assured me in blog comments and emails that not crying was okay and some of you even know others who didn't cry when they were diagnosed and dealing with cancer either. Phew. Thank goodness, because I had no idea how I was going to start faking drama and "real" emotion. Luckily, Lori offered up that she'd been in a car accident and I could cry for her. And I will. I just need to know which Lori it was! I sent flowers, wine, chocolates and a gorgeous card...if you didn't get it, I obviously had the wrong Lori ;-) (Lori, Kathy, Nancy and Monica-- if you have no photo next to your name when you leave comments--I need a last initial!!).

I also received a fun surprise in the mail. Another mystery! Someone way smarter than me found Biotene gum online and sent me a big box!! (I think it has 8 packages of gum in it!!). There was no card or name though. So I'm thinking Zee Beard strikes again? Or, it could be Stacey Aldstadt since she's twice driven me around in search of the gum (and other products). Or it could be Holly Gunnette since she in essence left a comment that said "I have Biotene gum and you don't! neener neener neener!" And then told me she couldn't remember where she bought it but it was somewhere local. Maybe she felt bad after teasing me like that. The package did ship post tax-season, she would have had time then. Hmmmm..... The mystery deepens. Whomever it was--thank you very much! I've already tested it out and it will work nicely.

Tomorrow is day 14 after chemo #3...so that will be the end of the "danger zone." I think this was the easiest of the three. Days 15 to 21 should be smooth sailing. Okay, smooth-ish. Let's not jinx this. I still have to try to get shoes on my sausage feet tomorrow morning.

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  1. What a weird foot thing you have going on there.... I certainly hope you get past THAT rather quickly...


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