Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 to 15 Years

Two different people, who didn't know I'm in chemotherapy and therefore, actually bald, have told me I look "10 to 15 years younger" in this particular look. So I figured it was time to show you my "day to day" look--since I've really only posted the fun looks (all hail Britney, bitch). And yes, I had bangs cut into the wig (it's the same one you voted on, only now with bangs). I couldn't tolerate the fishing line like hairs in my face all day. The handy thing about wigs is I can make the bangs as long or as short as I want (within reason) by moving the wig forward or back on my head. I usually start out with the whole sultry, wispy bangs down in my eyes look and by the end of the day (when this photo was taken) I've pushed it back on my head to get it out of my eyes. I don't really think I look younger. In fact at times I think it's sort of a "mom" look. Not necessarily my mom, although she did have red hair for most of my childhood and this is probably the most I've ever looked like her. Just a more conservative "mom in the burbs" look. And speaking of the burbs...the picture was taken on the balcony off our bedroom. A nice burb to live in.

I still felt fine today. I even worked until after 6pm. The feet were a little better. Perhaps because I wore sensible flat shoes (still cute; adorable Coach ballet flats) and then followed Doctor Dad's orders and soaked my feet in cold water and then elevated them for a bit when I got home. Seems to have helped. That and I'm distracted from my own health issues by the fact that Seamus clearly isn't feeling well. He was waiting for me at the gate when I got home...all sad and moving slowly (which almost never happens with a beagle). He took a nap with me but was slow to get off the bed and then yelped when he jumped up on the couch with me later. I think he injured something (back possibly) so we're letting him rest and see what it looks like in the morning. I've tried to feel around and he let me without any more yelping or wincing, so I can't really figure out what's hurting him. He's awfully cuddly/needy though. Currently, he is sleeping soundly in his own bed, snoring up a marching band's worth of noise and I'm hoping that's a good thing. Poor Chris. Too many patients in the house. (Oooh, good place to remind you to check out the new Forgotten Grapes posting on Thursday!!)

Thursday marks the one week countdown to the last chemo!! While I'll be happy to be through with that and moving on, I'm mostly looking forward to getting 3 weeks past that--I will consider that the true end of chemo and all of its crazy side effects. Hence the planned trip to San Diego for a quick getaway celebration. The plans for Memorial Day weekend aren't really working out, so it may be the weekend before. Hard to say right now. But we're going!! Break #1 will be in May one way or another. I need something happy and distracting between chemo and radiation. Especially now that I've learned more about radiation. (Let's just say there should be some exciting blog posts during radiation...but probably not too many photos).

And on a final note, the Biotene Gum Fairy was indeed STACEY ALDSTADT. She's leaving on vacation and probably worried about me still driving all over town looking for gum. So she handled it. Gum online. Who knew?


  1. While celebrating your "I'm finally done with freakin' chemo" time in San Diego, please think of me. I miss it so much. It became home to me years ago when we moved there in 1995. Yes, I am holding a grudge against the army for taking us away. And I am so happy that you are almost done with chemo! What an ordeal, eh?

  2. Dear "The Dog Lived and So Will I" Blog:

    I hate being at the whim of some other author. There are sooo many things I want to clear up before I go on vacation:

    1. I did not insist on the ALL CAPS for my name. That was actually CHRIS KERN, who stated "I want more name recognition when I google myself." The author of this blog plays favorites.
    2. I enjoy spending time with the author. The fact that she is currently inconvenienced by this annoying disease is secondary and, thus, I have no problem with feeding her, driving her, and being entertained by her.
    3. i worry about the author, but never, ever show it so that I can, one day, aspire to be in her clique.
    4. I do lay claim to being the BIOTENE FAIRY, not because I worry about the author driving all over town looking for gum, but because, in my vacational absence, I wanted the author to know that she remains on my mind.

    Vaya con dios. Au revoir. And, see ya soon, chemo girl.


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