Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Think I've Got the Hang of This

Yep. Five in a row. Five days of feeling good. I can't complain. Sure, I fell up the (wooden) stairs today, and I'm sure my right leg will be eight shades of purple tomorrow, but that's nothing compared to chemos 1 and 2. And I'm even in the dangerous "days 10 to 14" (I'm on day 11). Fingers crossed, chemo three may indeed be the charm. I was feeling good enough today to be telling myself I really, really, really need to be working more. I will pace myself (I promise) but I plan on having a very productive work week ahead.

I had a nice quiet weekend with some reading, some writing, a walk with Chris and Seamus, and a few little projects (I even remembered to send birthday cards to folks!! If your birthday falls between April 17 and April 26--you may be among the only folks whose birthdays I remember and acknowledge in a timely fashion this year! for the rest of you--let me just say "Happy Birthday!!"). Tonight I even joined my writer's group at MICHELLE OUELLETTE'S for a fabulous dinner and writing discussion. This is also important because it means Seamus got to a) run with Michelle's dogs Will and Nellie (Seamus heart Will) and b) steal a hamburger. All while we hung out in Michelle's beautiful newly landscaped backyard that has a distinctly French Provencal look. Ahhhh. Nice. Relaxing. In other words, this weekend--I got to be non-cancer person.

I realize that makes for a boring blog. And I'm sorry, but I have to say, I'm hoping for more boring blogs in my future. I hope you understand.

(the photo is one I took in France when Michelle, Rachel and I went out walking and came across this shop. Michelle didn't have her camera and I'm never without mine, so I took the photo for her. This wall inspired a lovely blue wall in her new backyard.)


  1. Wow. I swear T you have more fun & get more done than any non cancer person I know (I'm of course talkin bout myself). Not to get all bunnies & hearts but I admire the heck outayou! So glad you are feeling good:=) Hooray! And boy, Michelle's yard must be beautiful. I love the pic of the blue wall & beautiful pots. So pretty. Also, just the heck did you fall up the stairs? lol

  2. Teresa,

    I just heard from Sue thru Martha that you are fighting breast cancer. What an amazing attitude you have...but then I already knew that. Martha and sue mentioned us all getting together for lunch in May after you are feeling better. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

    (from your 6613 Del Playa days :) )

  3. Teresa,
    Just heard you were fighting breast cancer thru the UCSB roommate chain (Sue to Martha to Me). Just want you to know that I am thinking of you and am keeping you in my prayers. Sue mentioned getting together for lunch in May when you are feeling better. There is a lot to catch up on since the last time I saw you I believe my teenager was in my stomach or a baby!?

    (from 6613 Del Playa #6 :) )

  4. Kathy-
    Great to hear from you! I think your daughter was a few years old the last time I saw you in San Diego. I can't remember the occasion, and at any rate....long time ago!
    Sue mentioned lunch the weekend of the 16ht/17th if that worked. It works for me--I'll be 17/18 days after my last chemo!! Woo Hoo!! Reason to celebrate. I hope it works out.

    Oh, and I never would have remembered the apartment address. But, I guess you had one more year there than I did to memorize it.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I hope we get together in May


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