Friday, April 17, 2009

Three in A Row

Three good days. In a row. I hesitate to even say it, especially with the danger zone days 10 to 14 starting tomorrow. But, it's 8pm on Friday and it's been three good days in a row.

Thursday was a busy day. My secretary Michelle dropped by with baby Jayden (aka The Hair Competition). Seems Jayden hasn't really hit a hair growth spurt just yet, so we're still about even. You can see for yourself.

We also went back to see Dr. Karam at UCLA. I'm officially doing good. Dr. Karam is unofficially doing very well himself (mine is not a professional opinion in the same way his is). The even better news is that it will be Dr. Karam who stays in charge of me (well, me medically/cancer-ly speaking) for the years to come post-chemo and post-radiation. I'll go back and see Dr. Glaspy, the UCLA oncologist, from time to time as well, but mostly it will be Dr. Karam. And he's going to call and check out the radiation place he found that is nearby my office. If it gets his approval, I'll go check out the actual facility. Seems I need to do that soon, since I now know (from the great and good Dr. Karam--not from my tight-lipped oncologist) that there is a lot of prep time for radiation treatments. I also now know it's my entire breast that gets radiated. Owww. So Chris and I have begun plans for a mini 5-day vacation down in San Diego and La Jolla for an extra long Memorial Day weekend--that will be right between chemo and radiation. I should be sufficiently recovered to sit on a balcony overlooking the beach watching the sunset with a couple of glasses of wine. Repeatedly. And it's not that far away.

Anyway, here's the reunion photo. Dr. Karam looking like himself, and me in a hippie version of the Britney, bitch look.
Our next appointment with Dr. Karam is April 25th--when we're treating him to dinner at Omakase (he's curious, since they beat him out on the Break-out blog star poll). And yeah, that means he makes hotel calls and drives all the way to Riverside...for fine dining.

We then went over to the Century Plaza hotel to meet up with our friend JANE GIDEON who was in town with her two kids on a little mini-vacation herself. The kids played in the pool while we hung out at the poolside bar (of course we did). In LA, this look of mine doesn't get a second glance. See how we blended?
Jane is a busy mom of two who runs her own successful PR company, so she doesn't read the blog daily (shocking, I know). No worries though, I filled her in on the cancer experience. Turns out, my cancer is damn funny. Who knew? Well, maybe it was the wine. (And Jane, really, it's okay that you laughed at my cancer. No, really. I do too.)

Speaking of wine...I have sadly, tragically discovered that the wine does indeed exacerbate the hives. I may not be able to have any more wine for the next 5 weeks (watch as the blog posts get nastier and bitchier...which is actually possible. Trust me.). I had no wine or alcohol at all at the hotel, or when we went over to Houston's for dinner. (Where I did have to pause for a moment when the waiter asked if I wanted anchovies on my Caesar salad. Normally, yes, of course. But are anchovies on the "no eat" list like sushi? I don't know. I hope not, because I told the waiter yes.) On the upside, this meant Chris was free to wine away, since I was the obvious designated driver. I had a latte' for dessert and that helped me make it home and through the day without a nap. We got home at 9:30. And now you know why there was no blog post last night. Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.

Today was a nice productive day. Chris went into the office and I worked from home. I also got my hairs cut. And by that I mean my wigs. I gave up and asked my hairstylist to come by and cut and style the wigs. We practiced on the Sienna/ meth-maven blond wig (the short one I only wear with a scarf or hat) and gave it bangs. It now has a definite 60s vibe. Then she trimmed up Britney so it doesn't have those straggly uneven ends. With that practice, we went ahead and cut bangs into the red one. I really can't stand all that hair in my face and it will just be a lot more comfortable now. I like it a lot. (Pictures will be produced eventually).

Tonight , I may test the martini tolerance. We were debating whether gin (my preference) or vodka would be less likely to exacerbate the hives. Chris thinks vodka is the way to go (something about what gin is made from vs. vodka...there was a berry involved somewhere. I really should concentrate harder).

And speaking of Chris...the best part of Friday was an email from him. See the photo of the two turtles on the rock up there? That's the pond in front of my office, which they've been cleaning and repairing for the last week. Today the turtles were returned. Chris sent me this photo with an email that said "This is how we should be spending our days." I have to admit, I teared up.


  1. I did notice that the picture had two turtles. Do you know where the other turtle come from? They are like buddies. How cute. Hope that the martini drinking goes well for you!! Can't wait to see the pictures of the new hair styles. What was that website again with the super cute hat?

  2. The super cute hat came from which you can get to by clicking on the Google ad on the right side of my blog.

    I got another super cute purple hat at UCLA's reflections store yesterday. It's like i don't even need hair! (Tell Jayden).

  3. The question of gin or vodka can be solved by doing what I do -- half & half! Yummy! Tanqueray 10 & Grey Goose (my personal favs)

  4. half gin (Tanqueray 10) half vodka (Grey Goose) works for me. Try the combination.

  5. Ooooh...I'm not a fan of Grey Goose, personally - I'm Polish, thus partial to Polish vodka.

    Also - Teresa, I cannot get over how young the Dr. looks. What was he, a prodigy? Sheesh!

  6. I haven't been brave enough to try any vodka just yet.

    And the doctor...we older than he looks. But still a prodigy!

  7. I so do read the blog. :-) I just have to catch up all at once sometimes. :-) Added a link to your blog on mine, which probably wont' help much as you're more popular than I am, but just in case. Loved seeing you and laughing with you about cancer and such. :-) good times.


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