Monday, April 27, 2009

A Monday

That about sums up today. It was a Monday. The morning started with Chris picking up Seamus from Ruff House and bringing him back home. As I'm petting Seamus and giving him some love, he starts howling his head off, clearly in pain, and sits down, awkwardly but he won't get up for awhile. The back/hip problem is clearly worse. We get a vet appointment at 3:15, but our usual wonderful Dr. Davis is on vacation. I head into the office and have a perfectly crappy morning in the office arguing with stupid people on behalf of clients (said stupid people work for the government and again this causes me to fear for us all). Lunch appointment at 11:30. Person I'm having lunch with shows up at 12:30. Back to the office for more annoying phone calls. Leave at 2:40 to race home to pick up Chris and Seamus then back to my office so I can make a 3 o'clock conference call and Chris can take Seamus to the vet. (We have only one car currently--Chris's is in need of some attention, which it will get on Tuesday; Seamus took priority.) My 3 o'clock conference call never called.

Seamus's x-rays show a little hip dysplasia, but they think he probably injured it and needs to rest. No stairs. No jumping. This is nearly impossible to accomplish because 1) he's a beagle and 2) our house is multi-leveled and has stairs pretty much everywhere. He now has anti-inflammatory medicine as well, and judging by the effects of the first one, it makes him feel like he can run up and down stairs...until he can't. And Seamus hates to be picked up (he hates not being in control actually), so this carrying him up and down the stairs is going to be interesting.

At any rate, our evening at least went well. Brein and Roryann came over for the Forgotten Grapes wine tasting and brought some fabulous food. That helped a lot. I think it helped Seamus too. But, I couldn't even stay awake for the whole thing. I took a nap when they first got here (my usual nap when I get home from work) but was not too successful. Then around 9 o'clock I had to lay down on the couch and nap again (not a very good hostess, but they were understanding). So I guess with the compromised immune system comes the compromised ability to deal with stress. I blame the government. At any rate, this was a long way of saying I'm also too tired now for much of a blog post. Sorry. The next one will have to be special though. It will be the 100th post! See you then.

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  1. Teresa,
    Having worked for the Government for 16 yrs after I got out of college, I can assure you that the government is a breeding ground for stupid people! Don't be afraid, we are smarter than them. Hope Seamus is better soon.


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